طیف سنج
طیف سنج

طیف سنج مدل CR1000 دارای رزولوشن طیفی زیر یک نانومتر می باشد .

از کاربرد های این طیف سنج می توان به استفاده از آن در صنعت و همچنین آزمایشگاه های فیزیک و شیمی اشاره کرد .

همچنین این طیف سنج برای محدوده آزاد طیفی 400 نانومتر مناسب برای آزمایش های رنگ سنجی، پلاسما و سایر آزمایش های دقت بالا طراحی و ساخته شده است.


طیف سنج

Hgih resolution spectrometerCR1000

The CR1000 is a lightweight, portable miniature spectrometer


This series of spectrometers is suitable for general spectral measurement applications in scientific research and industrial production.

It has high measurement accuracy and comes with its own software. It is used in a variety of fields involving spectral measurement and analysis, such as plasma measurement, LED sorting, and its high cost performance.

Color measurement, chemical process analysis, etc.; and its unique design can be easily integrated into other systems.

The CR1000 Fiber Spectrometer has the following distinguishing features: One blazed grating CR1000 adopts the world’s best Richardson grating, and uses the double blazed grating  sed in high-end models in the 200~1100nm full-spectrum model to effectively balance the full-spectrum response;

UV-sensitized CCD CR1000 fiber spectrometer uses German technology to carry out UV sensitization of CCD, UV conversion efficiency is 20% higher than traditional, life expectancy is doubled;

Better than 800:1 SNR CR1000 fiber optic spectrometer has a new electronic engineering design, with a  ynamic range of more than 3000:1, significantly better than other brands of the same level of spectrometer

A spectrometer is a scientific instrument used to separate and measure spectral components of a physical phenomenon. Spectrometer is a broad term often used to describe instruments that measure a continuous variable of a phenomenon where the spectral components are somehow mixed. .

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