طیف سنج مدل CR2000

طیف سنج مدل CR2000 دارای رزولوشن بالا (0.15nm) در محدوده آزاد طیفی کاربر می باشد.

این نوع طیف سنج برای انجام آزمایش های بسیار دقیق در زمینه پلاسما طراحی و ساخته شده است. کاربر می تواند هنگام سفارش محصول محدوده آزاد طیفی مورد نظر خود را انتخاب نماید تا دستگاه متناسب با همان محدوده ساخته شود.

طیف‌سنج (spectrometer) ابزاری است که برای اندازه‌گیری خصوصیات نور بر پایهٔ تجزیه طیف الکترومغناطیسی کاربرد دارد.  بیشتر اندازه‌گیری‌ها اعداد شدت نور هستند .  

High resolution spectrometer CR2000

The CR2000 is a high-resolution spectrometer with a high-resolution optical platform for applications requiring fine spectral resolution

           . With a focal length of 50 mm and a numerical aperture of 0.11, the CR2000

high-resolution spectrometer enables the spectrometer to achieve the best balance of resolution and sensitivity without increasing its volume, providing optical resolution up to 0.15 nm for laser characterization.

plasma gas absorption measurement and analysis to provide the best spectral measurement applications.

       CR2000 high-resolution spectrometer has high-speed and high-sensitivity technology. which can make users’ products in a leading position in technology and give them a stronger bargaining power.

It can be combined with low-cost fiber to provide free trial service, and bulk purchase is cheaper. The free spectral range of spectrometer select via customer when purchased

A spectrometer is a scientific instrument used to separate and measure spectral components of a physical phenomenon. Spectrometer is a broad term often used to describe instruments that measure a continuous variable of a phenomenon where the spectral components are somehow mixed. In visible light a spectrometer can separate white light and measure individual narrow bands of color, called a spectrum. A mass spectrometer measures the spectrum of the masses of the atoms or molecules present in a gas. The first spectrometers were used to split light into an array of separate colors. Spectrometers were developed in early studies of physics, astronomy, and chemistry. The capability of spectroscopy to determine chemical composition drove its advancement and continues to be one of its primary uses. Spectrometers are used in astronomy to analyze the chemical composition of stars and planets, and spectrometers gather data on the origin of the universe.

Examples of spectrometers are devices that separate particles, atoms, and molecules by their mass, momentum, or energy. These types of spectrometers are used in chemical analysis and particle physics..

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